iWMS Hardware Solutions

About iWMS Hardware Solutions

We are the data collection hardware and wireless infrastructure component of international software systems provider iWMS, offering the most appropriate and cost efficient AutoID technology, consulting and support services.


Our focus is predominantly in the warehousing industry, however, services will be available to the broader market as well.


iWMS Hardware Solutions is headed up by Owen Behr who has over 20 years’ experience in the Auto ID technology and wireless infrastructure industry.


Our Services

We supply the most appropriate Auto ID data collection technology and provide the following services:


  • Consulting
    • The right choice of data collection devices and wireless infrastructure are essential for a system to function optimally. These devices and infrastructure are used to gain real-time visibility and data accuracy enabling companies to track their information cost effectively.
    • We assist customers make informed decisions when selecting auto ID data collection technology and consumables for their project.
  • Wireless Infrastructure
    • Wireless coverage is fundamental for a reliable in-premise wireless data collection deployment. A professional wireless survey is advised before deploying a wireless infrastructure as this will mitigate the risk of poor wireless coverage.
    • Wireless Network design, configuration and installation also plays an important role in the optimal performance of the wireless infrastructure. A properly designed, configured and installed wireless network ensures the optimal performance of the system.
    • Periodic onsite wireless health checks helps maintain the performance of the system and serves as a preventative measure for the network.
  • System Implementation and Commissioning
    • Properly implemented and commissioned Auto ID data collection hardware which includes mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode label printers contribute to a successful solution.
    • We supply, install and commission label printing software such as Bartender.
    • Label printer consumables e.g. ribbons and labels, as well as bureau label printing service for location and other pre-printed labels are available to customers.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • This is particularly relevant to barcode label printers which are electromechanical devices requiring periodic maintenance. Paper dust, adhesive build up from consumables and wear and tear to the printing mechanism can cause problems.
    • Preventative maintenance is a critical component of the solution. Device down time can seriously impact on a customer’s operation.
    • This service can be extended to all data collection hardware components. Proper preventative maintenance will reduce wear and tear significantly and identify problems early before they impact on the performance of the system.
  • On Site System and Hardware support
    • Auto ID hardware and wireless infrastructure is an integral part of the solution and its role must be considered and understood when troubleshooting problems.
    • We provide a holistic approach to troubleshooting issues which saves time and ensures that issues get resolved properly.


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We would welcome an opportunity to share with you our expertise and our innovative, and adaptable data collection solutions which will cost effectively empower you to contribute towards a fully functional system.