What is an Online Charity Home Management System (OCHMS)?

OCHMS is a unique, flexible database management software solution that was developed by iWMS’s Development Incubator team to make life easier for non-profit institutions to organise and manage their undertakings effectively.  It currently offers a secure customizable management platform for multiple non-profit organisations.

Why was the system developed?

Msizi Gasa and Khulekani Mavundla (iWMS Development Incubator), who developed this unique system, said “Through our close association with a charity institution we noticed that they were struggling to keep track and manage day to day running of their organisation.  We identified that the main problem was that all their systems were operated manually which were time consuming and inefficient.  This disorganisation lead to many donors moving their contributions elsewhere.  We were very concerned with this, and we decided they needed an automated system that would track patient’s profiles, needs and activities, the institution’s income and expenses, stock controls, donor contributions etc.  With this in mind, we built software which would assist them to function effectively to the benefit of their residents.”


They added, that in time, they plan to extend the capacity of the solution not only in regards to the system’s functionality but by the number of organisations the software can accommodate.


What functions can the solution provide?

  • Manage and support multiple non-profit institutions.
  • Store patient databases.
  • Track and manage patient activities.
  • Manage patient requirements and stock control.
  • Reconcile income and expenditure.
  • Generate exclusive access for each institution on the system.
  • Generate correspondence.
  • Secure, exclusive user access to the system.
  • Store and manage donor databases.
  • Generate unique number/code for each donor with the ability to link their contribution to the selected organisation.
  • Reconcile donor contributions with their selected institution.
  • Generate donor reports by institution.
  • Generate donor receipts, acknowledgements, reminders and greetings for special occasions.

How can institutions apply for the system?

Non-profit organisations can contact There will be no charge for the solution if you provide your NPO documentation as proof that your institution is a registered non-profit organisation.


What are the next steps for donor involvement?

  • Donors can access the system online via
  • Register by clicking the “Donate Now” button.
  • When registering please remember to fill in your field of interests e.g. music, sport, etc. which will enable us to identify what events we should invite you to.
  • Login screen will appear where you can either register as a donor or login using your pin code.

In conclusion Richard Evans (CEO, iWMS) said “I am very proud of the dedication of our Development Incubator team who recognised that many non-profit organisations were not managed efficiently due to them not being able to afford automated systems.  The day to day operation of these institutions is complex and requires innovative, flexible software development.  The system is not hardcoded and is built so that multiple non-profit organisations can be accommodated and we look forward to rolling this out to any charity institution who will benefit from it, at no cost to themselves.”  Richard added ”iWMS will host OCHMS, cover its costs and maintain it to ensure that it is continuously updated and runs smoothly.”



Charities currently using OCHMS

OCHMS from iwms