Parcel Dispatch Software Solutions

About Smartfreight®

Smartfreight® made its name in the early 1990's in the provision of a generic multi-carrier freight dispatch system, SmartFreight®, which has resulted in the company becoming the undisputed market leaders in the various countries within which it now operates.


They have always taken the view that the supply chain industry is built upon close inter-related partnerships between shippers, customers, freight carriers, freight consultants and software providers whether that be a Transport Management System (TMS)® such as SmartFreight® or an ERP/WMS solution. In that vein Smartfreight® have forged extremely robust, long term strategic alliances to streamline the supply chain for their clients and partners.


Freight value shipped by clients 475 million pa (AUD$)
Items Shipped 45 million pa
Shipments 18 million pa
Users 10,000+
Transport Providers 395
Countries freight consigned to 251
Alliance Partners 115
Time Zones operated in 12
Countries freight consigned from 10
Products 6
Solution - Smartfeight® 1