Build a change management plan that will push your project forward and drive continuous improvement


The most successful companies in today’s hyper-competitive world embrace change in every aspect of their supply chain. They view the supply chain as a dynamic asset that must be tailored to accommodate shifting customer preferences, new sales channels, and other promising opportunities. The ability to execute changes quickly is imperative to survival for modern businesses, but it’s only possible with the right operational solutions in place.


However, switching to a new warehouse management system can be daunting. There is often fear that a WMS project will be too expensive or the software will lack the flexibility to support the business long-term. And even if you think an updated system is mandatory, you must align everyone in your organisation – from top executives to associates on the warehouse floor – around this vision. While the new software will require an initial investment, finding the right system will save you money and put your company in a position to succeed for years to come. An effective change management strategy will empower you to build the case for a WMS, and after that, it will allow you to meet the ever-shifting customer and market demands that will allow your business to thrive. That has become a necessity in a marketplace where trends seem to appear and disappear in weeks or months – not years or decades.


This eBook will lay out the steps your organisation should take to create a plan for change management, how to execute on that plan and finally how to sustain that approach so it becomes a core part of your business. It will also cover common pitfalls that could stand in the way of...................

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HighJump is a global provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. With approx. 440 employees worldwide HighJump supports more than 4,000 customers in 66 countries, ranging from SME business to marquee global enterprises. HighJump’s functionally rich and highly adaptable end-to-end solutions efficiently manage customers' warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, delivery routes and retail stores.


About Körber Logistics Systems

The Business Area Logistics Systems, belonging to the international technology group Körber and based in Bad Nauheim, Germany, is the leading provider of fully integrated applications for the optimization of complex internal and external logistics processes. Under the umbrella brand Körber Logistics, the Business Area provides digital solutions for smart factories (production logistics), warehouses, e-commerce, and the management of entire supply chains. In three Business Units, the umbrella brand unites the companies Aberle GmbH and Consoveyo S.A. (System Integration), Langhammer GmbH and Riantics A/S (Product Solutions), Inconso AG, Aberle Software GmbH and DMLogic LLC (Software). They offer an extensive range of products and services, from system integration to technologies for storage, palletizing, de-palletizing and conveyor systems, through to software. 



iWMS is an independent software developer, innovator and team augmentation partner with years of global experience in consulting, building, and supporting WMS solutions.  We offer proven industry-leading software from HighJump Software Network Solutions for warehouse and supply chain management.

iWMS is based in South AfricaAmericas, Australasia and India.This gives iWMS access to the best resources and IT talent globally enabling us to ensure that the right level of experience is available for all projects at any given time.

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