HighJump's Inspection, Image Solutions help customers minimize errors in warehouse, save on related costs


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (January 9, 2017) – HighJump, a global provider of supply chain network solutions, announced that it is now offering HighJump™ Inspection and HighJump™ Image to its enterprise Supply Chain Advantage customers. HighJump Inspection automates mobile inspection routines related to inbound and outbound products, trucks and containers, material handling equipment and other warehouse processes based on user-defined rules to collect and store the data. HighJump Image automatically converts and stores documents and photos into a digital, searchable format, creating a highly accessible library.


The inspection application gives businesses the power to trigger inspections of specific inventory, processes and equipment at defined points in daily business flows. For example, different rules can be set based on the customer, vendor or parcel carrier. Inspection questions can be tailored to each unique process and marked as optional or required. Inspection also facilitates the automated collection and storage of digital images during quality assurance/inspection processes.


HighJump Inspection reduces costly errors related to compliance and regulatory requirements, supplier performance and late/damaged shipments. It can be accessed through a browser on any device, including tablets and smartphones.


“The inspection application will help our customers take another step toward supply chain optimization,” said Jon Kuerschner, vice president of product management and consulting at HighJump. “Compliance and regulatory expenses can be effectively managed – which will encourage supply chain partners to become more consistent – ultimately resulting in process improvements for HighJump customers and improved customer service for our clients’ customers. That drives the return on investment.”


HighJump Image is the perfect solution for those ready to exchange the filing cabinet for an organized digital catalogue. It’s much more than a document scanner – it turns hard copies (i.e., packing lists, chain of custody documents, digital images, etc.) into archived datasets with advanced search capabilities. Documents are no longer lost or unintentionally shredded because they are all stored in one centralized location with simple web accessibility. The application is delivered in a browser with a familiar, user-friendly interface similar to Microsoft Office.


“Commerce moves faster today than it has ever before, and leading companies need technology that can support that frantic pace,” HighJump Chief Operating Officer Chad Collins said. “Our inspection module streamlines the compliance issues that are increasingly prevalent in the omnichannel world. The imaging application grants access to critical documents at the snap of a finger. Together, these solutions give our customers the edge they need to stay ahead of the pack.”


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