Checkout is South Africa’s top independent supermarket chain. Headquartered in Durban, Checkout utilizes one 7,000 square meter distribution centre, has more than 50 stores nationwide and manages some 25,000 SKUs, of which 5,000 are currently controlled from its distribution centre.


Checkout was increasing its number of stores across South Africa and needed to channel more SKU’S into its distribution centre. The distribution centre was working 24 hours a day and was barely able to complete its orders in that cycle. The chain quickly realised its paper-based warehouse management system (WMS) was holding it back, unable to scale with the demands of the new stores and the increased number of SKU’s.

To keep up with its rapid growth trajectory, Checkout needed to invest in an electronic WMS that would enhance operations amongst its stores with improved efficiency and accuracy. This included improving their stockholding, throughput in the warehouse, and the ability to move stock to its array of stores quickly.



 HighJump's Warehouse Management System was the solution of choice for Checkout. The functionality offered by HighJump met Checkout's current and future needs. HighJump’s Warehouse Management System is a comprehensive suite of supply chain execution solutions, including container packing, slotting, wave and load planning, labour management, and billing management, that control and optimise the flow of inventory throughout the extended supply chain from suppliers through consumption.


Key to the needs of Checkout was the solution’s capabilities to provide accurate, up-to-date information on inventory in the warehouse and to the finance department. Staff previously handled this by vision, resulting in inaccuracies. HighJump’s electronic interface guaranteed real-time visibility that improved picking, especially regarding multiple variants of a product. Additionally, immediate and accurate feedback of goods received allowed for quicker payments to suppliers.


As Checkout continues to grow, HighJump scales along with it. The software seamlessly adapts to handle supplying more stores from the same facility. Along with accurate picking, this includes the most efficient use of space in its distribution centre, reducing stock holding and forward cover.


HighJump’s partner iWMS/a>, an independent software developer, innovator and team augmentation partner focused on South Africa, IndiaAustralia, and New Zealand, worked closely with Checkout to assure smooth and timely implementation. Along with handling the technical aspects, the team made key operational recommendations. This included utilizing dynamic wave picking, which enabled picking across multiple stores in a single go for upped staff productivity and order efficiency.


iWMS and Checkout worked closely together to iron out any barriers that arose, assuring the implementation was done in the timeliest manner possible. The system was rolled out in phases by supplier, beginning with those with a limited number of items. This enabled HighJump and iWMS to mitigate any potential risks against the warehouse by assuring products were still being properly delivered to the stores while providing Checkout the opportunity to train its staff in one supplier’s dedicated warehouse area before rolling out to the next.

“HighJump and iWMS provided the technology and service we needed to thrive in today’s complex supply chain landscape,” said Rajesh Jivan, supply chain manager at Checkout. “The adaptability of the WMS to meet our needs today and tomorrow, along with the ongoing support of iWMS, will assure we maintain a competitive edge and continue meeting customer expectations.”



The benefits of using HighJump and working with iWMS were immediate. Checkout gained real-time visibility of its inventory from its entire journey from warehouse, to receiving, to picking, to store. The results span enhanced labour management, reduced costs and streamlined operations amongst Checkout’s stores and distribution centre. The same orders that initially took 24 hours to process were being completed in just 14 hours. This gave Checkout an extra 10 hours a day to process new store orders. With HighJump and iWMS, Checkout is and will continue servicing its expanding number of stores in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner for increased sales and the highest-possible customer satisfaction.



In almost every industry, buyers are becoming fickler, and more demanding. For logistics executives, effectively meeting buyer needs has become a relentless quest for speed and agility. Traditional supply chain solutions – siloed, complex and hard-to-implement – no longer suffice, as competitors find ways to deliver goods faster and more profitably.


In today’s “now” economy, HighJump helps you stay agile, with adaptable, connected solutions that harness the power of your trading partner community. From the warehouse to the storefront, from the desktop to the driver’s cab, we can help you achieve new levels of supply chain responsiveness, performance, and profitability.

HighJump’s suite of warehouse management, business integration, transportation management and retail/DSD solutions form a complete, powerful and adaptable platform that allows you to drive growth, customer satisfaction, and revenue. HighJump: supply chain accelerated.

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