HighJump inMotion Built to Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Efficiency of Workforce



NEW YORK, NY (January 16, 2017) – HighJump, a global provider of supply chain network solutions, announced the release of its new mobile application, HighJump™ Supply Chain Advantage inMotion. The application gives consumer- or commercial-grade smartphones and tablets the capabilities to execute inventory and order fulfillment transactions, lowering operational expenses and ultimately creating a more efficient workforce.


HighJump Supply Chain Advantage inMotion is built to run on iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile devices. That compatibility provides businesses with more handheld device flexibility and allows them to invest in widely-available consumer products in addition to traditional, rugged commercial devices. Employees’ familiarity with these smartphones and tablets makes for easy onboarding and increased productivity.


HighJump Supply Chain Advantage inMotion is included with the purchase of any HighJump™ Warehouse Advantage warehouse management system (WMS) or HighJump™ Retail Advantage in-store fulfillment solution.


“At HighJump, we’re always focused on reducing operational expenses and increasing efficiency for our customers. This new, adaptable mobile application is in line with that philosophy because it harnesses the power of all the latest handheld devices to help businesses succeed,” HighJump Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Ross Elliott said. “We designed the application for ease of use on touchscreens in an effort to help employees – especially the growing millennial workforce – contribute to the larger business goals.”


As the warehouse associate completes WMS-directed tasks using HighJump Supply Chain Advantage inMotion – often with a connected or integrated scanner – real-time information flows back to the HighJump WMS. If business processes or data collection requirements are changed within the WMS, they are reflected in the mobile app.


These devices can access the internet, place a phone call and embed additional HighJump capabilities (i.e., additional mobile applications such as inspections with digital image captures). That makes it more robust than popular warehouse mobile devices like RF scanners.


“The future of enterprise software is in mobile, and this product release is an important step forward in our vision of the next generation of supply chain technology,” said Chad Collins, HighJump chief operating officer. “The HighJump Supply Chain Advantage inMotion application is another tool that will allow our HighJump Warehouse Advantage and HighJump Retail Advantage customers to remain extremely successful in a hyper-competitive environment.”


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