iWMS Americas Is A Software Development, Consulting And IT Staffing Company, Providing Services And Solutions To Enterprises Worldwide.

About iWMS Americas

We are an international software service provider operating out of Minneapolis, United Stated of America (down the road from HighJump’s head office). iWMS Americas is the American extension of iWMS who whose head office is in South Africa.  We also operate in Bangalore, India through iWMS India as well as  Australia and New Zealand  through iWMS Australasia. The combination of iWMS South Africa, iWMS Americas, iWMS India and iWMS Australasia expands our delivery capabilities across the world.  It allows us to blend teams to make sure the right level of experience is allocated to each project, with the right onsite-offshore mix, while keeping overall delivery costs low.


Our Services

Our teams are professionals who believe that fun and work can go together. We operate in a vibrant, corporate environment. 


We provide the best engineering and IT talent in the industry and we can assist you at each stage of your project from conceptualisation, design, development, testing, implementation and management, ensuring a quality delivery. The services we offer enable you to respond quickly to your technology demands by increasing your IT workforce.  This is achieved by extending your teams with our highly experienced and skilled professionals. Our expertise becomes yours.


We understand that greater flexibility and agility is required in a workforce and for capacity to be increased or decreased when the need arises.  Our teams are able to partner with you and integrate into your business, with your guidance.


As an extension of your team, it enables them to get a full understanding of your customer and strategic project needs and develop innovative quality systems cost effectively.  While your teams drive the vision and initiatives of the project, we take care of our team’s day to day progress, quality and motivation.


Warehouse Management Software Solutions:

In addition to our software expertise across industries, we have years of global experience in building and implementing WMS solutions.  We offer proven industry-leading software from HighJump for warehouse and supply chain management, to technology systems which achieve cost effective end-to-end solutions.



Our Value Proposition

  • Availability of skilled resources globallyThe advantage of having our resources spread across the globe, is that it not only expands our customer base internationally, but brings with it varied skill sets and experience levels that fit your project best and the ability to expand our international customer base.
  • Delivery modelsOur global delivery model makes sure that cost benefits and time are maximised which is achieved by distributing appropriate project modules offshore as well as onsite.
  • Speed to marketThe experience we have gained over the years of delivering projects to medium and large enterprises, enables us to apply time-tested and quality-focused methodologies with each project.  This reduces the time to market.
  • Solutions libraryFor years, we have built our own solutions library covering broad industry and warehouse management Best Practice, Test Suite and Test Automation. This helps us quicken the implementation of projects and ensure a quality delivery.
  • Innovative engagement models We go the extra mile to make it easier for you to work with us by designing innovative engagement models that suit your requirements.  For your long term projects, we offer a transparent Cost+ model which helps you keep track of your resource, operating costs, etc.

    As a customer you can:

    •  Blend your own resources with an extended onsite and offshore teams to produce quality results.
    •  Participate in the recruitment of the extended team, if you wish, and decide on who will be in your team and the resource mix – seniority/technology/quality/ etc.
    •  Avoid administrative and HR issues.
    •  Benefit from significant cost savings.
    •  Give special recognition and reward to team members who perform beyond what is expected of them.
  • Always ahead of the curve – Our architects are up to date with industry trends and together with HighJump’s WMS for early adopters, we are always ahead of the game in terms of having the solution that suits your needs.
  • Preferred partner – Our mantra is optimal, quality delivery. We have the required industry experience and the required number of experts to work on your projects.


Quality Assurance

Optimal functionality and quality are important to iWMS Americas.  To meet this requirement we have iWMS Quality Assurance, which professionally tests the functionality of applications for critical defects.


We, at iWMS Americas, have the skills and experience and proven ability of applying the testing methods used by iWMS globally.


Contact Us 

iWMS Americas is uniquely positioned, with our wide range of software development expertise and our global delivery capabilities, to support your business needs.


We would welcome an opportunity to share with you our innovative and flexible engagement models and how they can cost effectively work for you, empowering you to develop your project into innovative, functional systems.