iWMS Australasia Is A Software Development, Consulting And IT Staffing Company, Providing Services And Solutions To Enterprises Worldwide.

About iWMS Australasia

We are an international HighJump software service provider operating out of New Zealand and servicing Australia.  We are an extension of iWMS, a HighJump partner, whose head office is in South Africa.  Since its inception, in South Africa, in 2009, iWMS has expanded its operation through iWMS Americas, and iWMS India and now iWMS Australasia.

We specialise in HighJump Warehouse Advantage software whose best practices-based functionality solves core logistic warehouse challenges.  We have years of global experience and expertise in selling, building, implementing, testing and supporting the product through the vast resources available to us.


Our Services

We consult with our Clients and focus on meeting their requirements by understanding their business needs, choosing the appropriate systems and developing bespoke software.


Importance is placed on a client’s return on investment in every project we undertake which is achieved through quality work, open communication, client focus and punctual delivery.


Our Value Proposition

  • Availability of skilled resources globallyThe advantage of having our resources spread across the globe, is that it not only expands our customer base internationally, but brings with it varied HighJump skill sets and experience levels that fit each project.
  • Delivery modelsOur global delivery model makes sure that cost benefits and time are maximised which is achieved by distributing appropriate project modules offshore as well as onsite.
  • Quality AssuranceSoftware quality and functionality is a key project deliverable. This is done by a team of professional testers available to us.  In addition, HighJump has a configurable open source test automation tool, FitNesse, which easily connects to all HighJump environments.
  • Speed to marketThe experience we have gained over the years of delivering projects to medium and large enterprises, enables us to apply time-tested and quality-focused methodologies with each project.  This reduces the time to market.
  • Solutions libraryWe have built our own solutions library covering HighJump’s warehouse management Best Practice, Test Suite and Test Automation. This helps us quicken the implementation and ensure a quality delivery.
  • Always ahead of the curve Our architects are up to date with industry trends and together with HighJump’s WMS for early adopters, we are always ahead of the game in terms of having the solution that suits your needs.
  • Preferred partnerOur mantra is optimal functionality, quality delivery. We have the required industry experience and the required number of experts to work on your project.

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iWMS Australasia is uniquely positioned, with our wide range of software development expertise and our global delivery capabilities, to support your business needs.


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