Company Essence

IWMS was established in 2009 as an independent software developer, innovator and team augmentation partner.  We have comprehensive knowledge in best of breed supply chain solutions with products from HighJump Solutions and parcel dispatch solutions from SmartFreight in South Africa.


We consult with our Clients and focus on meeting their requirements by understanding their business needs, choosing appropriate systems, developing bespoke systems, providing staff augmentation resources and data collection hardware to meet those requirements.  Importance is placed on a client’s return on investment in every project we undertake which is achieved through quality work, open communication, client focus and punctual delivery.


We offer full services to our clients which includes:

iWMS has extended its operation into India with iWMS India and United States of America with iWMS Americas,  Australia and New Zealand through iWMS Australasia.


This global expansion allows iWMS to have access to the best resources globally while also expanding its market. The combination of iWMS South Africa, iWMS India, iWMS Americas and iWMS Australasia allows us to blend teams and to make sure the right level of experience is available and, at the same time, keep Client costs relatively low.


Software Innovation Is Important To Us

The environment within the iWMS group of companies is one which creates curiosity, and we believe our teams have the potential to change the world. We encourage them to question the status quo and develop their own skills. This opens the way for innovation.


Development Incubator (Dev.Inc.) innovators develop the ideas presented to them by the greater iWMS team and external innovators. Their primary objective is to make peoples’ lives easier through innovation. No idea is too big or too small and will be explored with the view of changing the world in some small and, hopefully in time, large way.


Is Quality Testing Part Of Your Project DNA?

We believe that the key to developing a quality product that works first time, every time, is having the code professionally tested by qualified testing teams.


A separate company, iWMS Quality Assurance, has been formed under the iWMS umbrella to accommodate testing for all software applications.


iWMS Quality Assurance has recognised the massive return on investment that can be gained by automating tests. The benefit of this is that after the software has been written, it runs endless times while you are working on your code. This allows you to dramatically reduce retesting costs and maintain your quality whilst making changes to your system.


Why Our Services Include Wireless Infrastructure Hardware Solutions?

To stay competitive, in an ever increasing complex, automated business environment, it was a natural progression for us to include a data collection hardware company into our organisation to complete our solution offerings.


A separate company iWMS Hardware Solutions has been formed under the iWMS umbrella to accommodate data collection hardware and wireless infrastructure.  We provide the most appropriate and cost efficient AutoID technology, consulting, wireless site surveys, system implementation and commissioning, preventative maintenance as well as on site system and hardware support.

The right choice of data collection device and wireless infrastructure is essential for a system to function optimally.  These devices and infrastructure are used to gain real-time visibility and data accuracy enabling companies to track their information cost effectively.

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